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The world's heaviest gold ring was unveiled at MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show in Sharjah, Wednesday. The 63 kg heavy ring, which is made up of 58.686 kg (129.38 lbs) of gold and 5.17 kg (11.39 lbs) of Swarovski stones, was made by Taiba Gold & Jewellery of Saudi Arabia, and is worth approximately 3 million US-Dollars (€2.6 million). However, it is not for sale. The ring was certified by the Guinness World Records as the 'World's heaviest gold ring,' and was endorsed by the World Gold Council. 55 workers of the Saudi based jewellers crafted the ring in 45 days. Smaller, 18 and 21 karat versions of the ring are available for purchase for Dh1,200 to Dh1,500 ($353 to $408; €313 to €362).


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