Russia: Russian Defence Ministry confirms brief entry into Turkish airspace

Russian Ministry of Defence spokesperson Major-General Igor Konashenkov confirmed that a Russian war plane briefly entered Turkey's airspace on the border to Syria while attempting to return to base. Speaking in Moscow, Konashenkov stated that there was no reason to "look here for any conspiracy," as the violation of airspace by the Russian Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft was a "consequence of adverse weather conditions", adding that "due to bad weather conditions the landing approach to the airfield could only be carried out from the north." Konashenkov said that Turkey "was given all the necessary explanations by the Russian military via the administration of the military-attache at the Turkish embassy in Moscow." The Russian Defence Ministry spokesperson added that reports of "molestation" of a Turkish aircraft by an unidentified MiG-29 has no relation to the Russian air group, adding "there are no aircraft of this type at the Hmeymim airbase." Turkish and NATO officials met in Brussels earlier on Monday at Turkey's request after Turkey alleged that a Russian military aircraft entered its airspace briefly before being intercepted by two Turkish F-16 fighter jets on Saturday.