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Japan: Toyota LQ self-driving hatchback can build 'emotional bond' with driver

13 23.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Toyota LQ front view, Tokyo Motor Show
M/S LQ bumper view
M/S Toyota LQ front view
M/S Toyota LQ lights flashing
M/S Toyota LQ side view
M/S Toyota LQ rear view
M/S Toyota LQ rear view
C/U Toyota LQ rear view
M/S Toyota LQ rear view
W/S Toyota LQ
M/S Toyota LQ interior
C/U Steering wheel
M/S Rear
M/S Side and wheel
M/S Rear and wheel
M/S Interior
M/S Toyota LQ rear
M/S Toyota LQ rear
W/S Tokyo Motor Show 2019 exterior
Toyota showcased its LQ self-driving electric hatchback at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 in the Japanese capital on Wednesday.
The AI-equipped vehicle is capable of autonomous driving and can be taken on the road. It features Toyota's 'Yui' artificial intelligence system which Toyota says can build an 'emotional bond' with the driver.