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Peruvian Interior Minister Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe observed the "Troy V" anti-drug operation, which kicked off with the military destroying several clandestine airstrips used by drug traffickers in the Pichis-Palcazu basin in the regions of Ucayali and Pasco and Huanuco, Tuesday. The anti-drug operation aims to disable clandestine airstrips, destroy drug labs, seize narcotics and locate and detain suspected drug traffickers in the Pichis-Palcazu basin, through air, land and naval operations. According to Peruvian authorities 120 different operations have already destroyed 16,140 hectares of illegal coca crops, 86 clandestine airstrips and 448 drug laboratories, and have seized more than 14 tonnes of drugs and 13 planes used for transporting drugs. Authorities have estimated that the 16,140 hectares of coca destroyed has prevented the production of around 124 metric tonnes of cocaine.


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