Germany: Far-right torch-lit vigil held in Wunsiedel

The far-right group "Der Dritte Weg" held a torch-lit vigil in Wunsiedel, Saturday, to commemorate German soldiers who lost their lives in World War II.
According to the organisers, some 280 people participated in the march. Participants in the march held torches and waved black flags related to the so-called "Third Reich", in order to show their support for National Socialism, along with flags of the German Empire (1871-1918) that was also used between 1933 and 1935.
The march took place in the Bavarian city of Wunsiedel, where prominent politician in Nazi Germany Rudolf Hess was buried. The remains of Hess were kept in Wunsiedel before being unearthed from a grave as the site allegedly became the so-called pilgrimage for right-wing activists.
The vigil is celebrated every year under the slogan "Dead are only those who are forgotten!"
The annual vigils have been met with heavy criticism by anti-fascist groups and have been faced off by a string of counter demonstrations.