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Russia: Putin inaugurates first oil loading from new Arctic field

2 25.05.2016 Инфо

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially opened the new Arctic Gate terminal by inaugurating the loading of the first oil shipment, in a teleconference from Moscow to the Yamal Peninsula, where the facility is located, Wednesday.
Putin labeled the opening of the new terminal "an important and symbolic event" and added that it is a "new stage in developing the Novoportovskoye field". He also said that the volume of investments in the development of the project has amounted to 186 billion rubles (3 billion USD) over the last three years.
Gazprom CEO, Alexei Miller, said that the new terminal "meets the highest industrial safety and environmental protection standards" and is safe for environment as it "uses zero-waste technology". He also said that it "is a unique facility in the world and there are no other industrial facilities of this kind".
After Putin auithorised the loading, workers in Novoportovskoye field started their tasks in order to load the tanker with petrol.
Novoportovskoye field is one of the largest developed oil and gas fields on the Yamal Peninsula. The recoverable reserves of oil exceed 250 million tons (500,000 million punds) a year and there are also more than 320 billion cubic meters (320000 billion litres) of gas. The field is located beyond the Arctic Circle, far from the transport pipeline infrastructure.