Мексико: Протестиращи искат справедливост за загиналите журналист и активисти

Hundreds of people marched through Mexico City towards the Attorney General’s office, Sunday, demanding justice for the deaths of a photographer and four human-rights activists who were murdered two weeks ago in the Narvarte neighbourhood allegedly for their political opinions. A group of protesters wore t-shirts bearing the message ‘Justice for Ruben,’ referring to the slain photographer Ruben Espinosa. A group of Colombian women placed a portrait of Mile Virginia Martin who was among the five activists found murdered in an apartment in the capital. No suspects have reportedly been identified, but many critics have accused government officials of Veracruz State of being involved with the assassination. Espinosa fled Veracruz after being threatened by civilians outside his house for covering social demonstrations in the area. The photographer is the thirteenth journalist working in the state to have been killed on the job since Governor Javier Duarte was appointed in 2011. Duarte is from the ruling Institutional Revolutionary party (PRI).