Russia: Rosaviation chief gives update on flight 7K9268 black box decoding

The Head of Rosaviation, Alexander Neradko, confirmed on Thursday that the flight data recorder has already been decoded during an interview in Moscow. He also announced that the cockpit voice recorder "has some damage on its body, but it may be decoded in the near future." The records were provided to all members of the Investigation Commission, he added. The Rosaviation chief warned that "the organisation of aviation activities, flight operation, and aspects of aviation security" will "take at least several months." Neradko also stated the investigation should precede the conclusion and that "we will repeat the investigation of the of the MH17 crash." He accused that investigation of publicly announcing the conclusion "on the first day of the incident and then everything was adjusted to coincide with what was said at first." Kogalymavia (Metrojet) flight 7K9268 was heading to Saint Petersburg from Sharm el-Sheikh when it crashed in the Sinai around 23 minutes after take-off on Saturday, killing everyone on board. The passenger plane broke up in the air and its wreckage was scattered over a vast area of the Sinai Peninsula. There were a total of 224 people on board - 217 passengers, including 25 children, and seven crew members, with reports indicating that all but five passengers - four Ukrainians and one Belarusian - were Russian.