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NATO forces performed a series of drills at the NATO training base near Zagan, Poland, as part of the 'Very High Readiness Joint Task Force' (VJTF) on Thursday. In September 2014 allied leaders approved a Readiness Action Plan (RAP) for NATO Response Force (NRF) at the Wales Summit to prepare against alleged threats from Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. Within one year the VJTF was created, mobilising 2,100 troops from nine NATO nations under the command of Brigadier General Kees Matthijssen. German, US, Dutch, Belgian, Norwegian, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech and Hungarian troops are all involved in the VJTF, also supported by the British Royal Air Force. There are reported plans to increase the number of troops to 5,000. The VJTF consists of five battalions of international Air, Maritime and Special Forces. The drills and expansion of NATO troops in Poland are one of the first steps in response to an alleged threat to the sovereignty of NATO states, and can start the deployment within 48 hours to up to one week.


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