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Russia: French couple reflect on giving war medals to A. Prokhorenko's family

7 07.05.2016 Инфо

SOT, Jean-Claude Mague (French): "Yes, it was very emotional for a family, that’s why we sent these medals. We lost our own son, not under the same conditions though. He went to Sarajevo in Bosnia."
SOT, Micheline Mague (French): "And we will participate in the march of the Immortal Regiment."
SOT, Jean-Claude Mague (French): "We have prepared everything."
The Magues, a French couple that gave French WWII medals to the family of Aleksandr Prokhorenko, a Russian officer killed in Syria as a mark of respect, were spotted strolling around Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow, Saturday.
The couple arrived in the Russian capital earlier this week after receiving a personal invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin to watch the Victory Day parade. The invitation was personally handed over by Russia’s Ambassador to France Aleksandr Orlov. The couple said they were "honoured" for having the chance to participate in the parade and reflected on the "emotional" events of Thursday where they met the mother of Aleksandr Prokhorenko at a ceremony held in the Ministry of Defence headquarters.
The Magues gifted a Legion d'Honneur that was originally given to a 17-year old hero of the resistance who later survived Buchenwald. The second medal they presented was a Military Cross with Palm Branches that awarded to an uncle who had served as a bomber pilot with the Free French forces.
Prokhorenko, dubbed the 'Russian Rambo' by some media outlets, was operating as a forward air controller calling down airstrikes around Palmyra. He died in March, after ordering an airstrike on his own position, when he was surrounded by IS fighters. He was later dubbed the 'Russian Rambo' by the media.