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Germany: Pro-Turkey protesters rally in support of Syria offensive

6 21.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Demonstration in support of Turkey's military offensive in northern Syria, Heilbronn
M/S Speaker on stage
C/U Turkish flag with Ataturk's picture
SOT, Jam, Activist: "I am here for my country, for my people, we are all together with Turkish, Kurdish, all the people of the world. For Turkish people, everybody is welcome."
W/S Activists listen to speeches *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Berk Aed, Participant (German): *TRANSLATION TO FOLLOW*
M/S Activists listening to speeches
M/S Activists carrying Turkish flags
W/S Activists holding giant Turkish flag
C/U Man wearing Turkish traditional hat
M/S Anti-Turkey activists arrive at Kilianplatz
W/S Pro-Turkey activists shouting
M/S Pro-Turkey activists shouting and trying to break free
SOT, Abdullah Achmad, Activist: "I am here to present my land, Turkey, we will make a friendly demonstration, the people, they came together, it's friendly, German police are our friends but the Kurdish - the terrorists I would say - came to make provocations. You know what I mean. This place is our place, we've met (here) today, they came and made provocations. I talk to you, [who] are the terrorists? The Turkish people, who have a land, a government, have soldiers, a republic, while (they) bring fights, have guns, kill babies in the cities in Turkey, I'm asking you, who's a terrorist? I don't know."
W/S Activists in Kilianplatz
M/S Police overseeing rally
C/U Activist with Turkish flag
W/S Activists chanting slogans
SOT, Ilayal, Activist (German): *TRANSLATION TO FOLLOW*
M/S Speaker rallying activists
W/S Activists holding Turkish flags
M/S Activists chanting slogans
W/S Activists at Kilianplatz, Heilbronn
Nearly one thousand people gathered in the southwestern German city of Heilbronn on Sunday, in support of the Turkish government and its military offensive in northern Syria.
Pro-Turkey activists rallied in central Kilianplatz, where speeches were held amid Turkish flags and music. Tension rose when Kurdish activists appeared on the square, but the heavy police presence prevented clashes between the two sides.
Several rallies were held in solidarity with the Kurds in Germany since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of the operation dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring' to create a 'safe zone' in northern Syria cleared of Kurdish forces.