Daily Mail Uses Photo of Popular London Restaurant in Fake Cannibalism Story

Will Beckett complained on Twitter after the Mail Online used an image of Hawksmoor’s chateaubriand on a possibly fake story about human flesh being served in a Nigerian hotel. The piece reported that “police raided the restaurant after locals reported it was selling human meat” and that they “discovered human heads which were still dripping blood into plastic bags”. Unfortunately, the Mail illustrated the article with a picture of a steak from Hawksmoor, a high-class London restaurant. Exactly how the picture ended up in the Mail’s story isn’t clear, although the paper has previously used it to illustrate a review of a Hawksmoor restaurant. To further complicate the situation, it appears that the Nigerian cannibalism story is old, and possibly partly false. A spokesman for Mail Online told BuzzFeed News that the story has since been taken down.