Majestic - Who I Am [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer & Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



This life is my story,
Got to tell them don’t ignore me,
I’ve drove these roads and
Walked the streets, a thousand times,
And as the days go by,
I always try to be who I am,
To be who I am,
To be who I am…

[Verse 1]

Fuck you! This goes out to,
Every single body that, I once knew,
Ones I grew up with and ones that are new,
Ones that screw me over and ones that are true,
Because I would love to press the button ‘undo’,
So I could have no friends, only keep me two,
One is called I, the other is Myself,
You’ve got yourself to blame I don’t trust no one else,
‘Cause unlike most patients I’m a patient without patience,
I can’t stand like a monument and wait for changes,
I’ve lost all expectations in my own generation,
So without hesitation let me show you who I be,
While I know you never trusted and always doubted me,
I highly doubt you ever knew a beast resided me,
You won’t be proud of me but you will go ahead and hate,
But whatever, see it’s been forever since I gave a shit!


[Verse 2]

Who I be – is a mystery,
Not so much for you but more so for me,
Throughout my history I found it very eerie,
That my personality is probably a lie,
Because I improvise differently all the time,
You’re probably surprised but I’m a monster in disguise,
Got a couple alter egos – one is Mr. Hide,
Majestic is the second and that’s out of five,
It’s hard to feel alive with this kind of life,
My soul is deprived but my music keeps me high,
So pass me the mic and I’ll do something with my life,
While you waste yours away and barely survive,
And if you start to think that, this is a waste of time,
It’s ironic homie see I’m also wasting mine,
And it is fine ‘cause at the end of the night,
You don’t have a life, and neither do I.


[Verse 3]

I’m so serious, even when I’m joking,
Revenge…is my fucking hobby,
Fuck me over once and I don’t expect a ‘sorry’,
I expect you to go back to being a nobody,
To me, ‘cause I find it funny, thought I was a dummy,
Wouldn’t see what you did behind me,
Ok there buddy, see you are the reason,
Why I tend to have a tendency to hate people,
Whose mind is too feeble, to even be able,
To understand who I be, let alone be grateful,
For all the shit I did, hell most I do for free,
I spend my own money on this expensive hobby,
And what I’ll probably get is online disrespect,
That is jolly great but I am not impressed,
I’m trying to be the best that I can be, fuck the rest,
Before I’ve left this planet, I want to earn respect.