USA: Hundreds of dismayed New Yorkers leave messages on subway wall following Trump's win

Hundreds of messages of hope and chagrin covered a New York subway wall on 14th Street on Thursday, following Donald Trump's victory in the US election.
Dismayed New Yorkers shared their sentiments on post-it notes and then stuck them to the walls of the subway station. The action came as part of an art installation dubbed 'Subway Therapy', initiated by Artist Levee.
One woman, who participated in the action, expressed that it is "a good way of showing America that we are united," adding "that's why, I wrote on my note, 'USA is ours and we should nurture it the way we nurture the loved ones'."
After Trump's win was announced early on Wednesday, there have been multiple large demonstrations against the president-elect in several large US cities, including in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Seattle.
Trump declared victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton called him to concede defeat following a bitterly fought election battle. Trump beat Clinton in a surprise landslide victory, garnering 278 of the Electoral College votes, while the Democratic candidate received 218.