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360fly's CEO Peter Adderton told Mashable, "GoPro's done a good job. They own the [action camera] space. No one owns the 360-degree video space."
Adderton, a serial entrepreneur and extreme sports fanatic, whose previous successes include founding the prepaid wireless network Boost Mobile, which he then sold to Sprint, thinks his company's tennis ball-sized 360fly camera could become the GoPro of 360-degree videos and help popularize virtual reality, not just for tech nerds, but for everyone.
First, a quick primer on 360-degree videos. What exactly are they? They're exactly what you think they are: Videos that you can manipulate in 360 degrees. Instead of a static and flat point of view, you can pan around the video and view it from different perspectives. Think of it as an interactive layer to videos.
Just about every tech company is working on 360-degree video support.


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