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Ruptly's drone captured the world's largest labyrinth, located near the small Italian town of Fontanellato, 25 kilometres (15 miles) from Parma, Thursday. The labyrinth, designed by Italian publisher and art collector Franco Maria Ricci, opened to the public on May 29 following eight years of construction work. It is the only maze made entirely out of bamboo plants, boasting 200,000 plants and measuring up to five metres (16.40 feet) high. The path is more than three kilometres (1.86 miles) long and the labyrinth has a surface area of eight hectares (19.76 acres). The maze also features a museum displaying 500 sculptures, paintings and other artwork dating from the 16th century. The two buildings within the complex are constructed in the French Utopian architecture style of the 18th century - a rare form of building design.


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