Eminem - Phenomenal ( Official Video) превод & тeкст

Не забрявяйте да дадете плюсче/„ Яко е“/, моля, ако ви харесва видеото и субтитрите! || Премиера 2015** Eminem - Phenomenal ( Official Video) превод & тeкст|(Music Film)|Lyrics| Актьорът във видеото е Джон Малкович - американски киноактьор, процудент и режисьор от хърватски произход ||| “Phenomenal” is the first single off the Southpaw soundtrack, due July 24. The compilation was executive produced by Eminem and features a collaboration between Em and Gwen Stefani (“Kings Never Die”), plus contributions from Bad Meets Evil, 50 Cent, Action Bronson, and The Weeknd.| I do not own rights to the video or music. If the owners have any big Claim, I will delete this video! The video is uploaded with educational purpose, just to promote it, and about lyrics knowledge!