Alek Sandar - Дай ми да те влюбя [Official HD Video]

Distribution by The New Urban Productions LTD,
Video Alek Sandar
Director Alek Sandar
Art Director Gerrold Vincent
Camera Peter Dmitriyev
Music Alek Sandar
Text Виорк Викторио
Montage Jordan Dinchev
Fashion Film based on the self-written, self-produced homonymous song "Ocean" by Alek Sandar.
The film depicts an emotional love play between boy and girl in a timeless summer environment. Future, Present and Past seem to merge in an equilibrium and leave the viewer with several interpretation possibilities as to the concepts of Love, Infinity, Passion, Depth, Devotion, Saturation and Youth.
OCEAN aims to depict these precious ageless moments of being in love when the self cannot distinguish between what is real and what is unreal any more.