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Leaders of the European Union (EU) member states arrived in Brussels, Thursday, for a summit on ongoing refugee and migrant crisis. The leaders are expected to discuss the Dublin agreement, the role of migration 'hotspots' and the strengthening of the European Union's external borders, among other issues. Particular attention will be paid to Turkey and its potential approval for an EU plan on the refugee crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters before entering. The discussions will focus on the EU's capacity to help Ankara in hosting and financially assisting Syrian asylum seekers. The agenda will also include a joint "migration agenda" with Turkey, as well as a reinforcement of Europe's exterior borders. The United Kingdom's referendum on membership of the EU, as well as an update on the most recent Normandy Format meeting between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France on the situation in eastern Ukraine is among other issues expected to be dealt with during the summit.


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