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USA: 13 arrested as left and right-wing groups come to blows in Portland

5 18.08.2019 Инфо

M/S Scuffles between Antifa and 'Proud Boys' protesters, Portland
M/S Protesters threatening each other *STRONG LANGUAGE*
M/S Protesters arguing *STRONG LANGUAGE*
M/S Protester being arrested
M/S Arrested protester on the floor *STRONG LANGUAGE*
C/U Person handcuffed
M/S Arrested protester entering police vehicle
M/S Injured person being assisted by protester
M/S Protest being removed from 'Proud Boys'
M/S Protest being removed from 'Proud Boys'
C/U Police officers *UPSOUND*: "Do not interfere with officers taking lawful action."
SOT, Joey Gibson, far-right political activist: "Basically, the Chinese communist regime is running Portland, running Ted Wheeler, because they came in and charged me with a felony writing for standing on the sidewalk."
M/S Joe Biggs, far-right political activist, speaking to the crowd
SOT, Joe Biggs, far-right political activist: "Right now, we are getting ready to the march off over to the park - the Waterfront Park. There's already counter protesters, AKA 'domestic terrorists' - Antifa, they're over there lined up."
M/S 'Proud boys' protesters marching *STRONG LANGUAGE*
M/S 'Proud boys' protesters marching
W/S 'Proud boys' protesters chanting "USA"
M/S Enrique Tarrio, president of 'Proud boys' speaking to the crowd *UPSOUND*: "We have a secondary location that we're going to march to right now."
W/S 'Proud boys' protesters chanting "USA"
M/S Police blocking passage, protesters chanting "Let us walk"
M/S 'Proud boys' protesters marching
W/S 'Proud boys' protesters chanting "Four more years"
M/S Antifa protesters marching
W/S Protester running to the sidewalk. *UPSOUND*: "If you are in the street, you'll be subject to arrest for disorderly conduct. Move out of the street now."
M/S Antifa protesters marching and chanting
W/S Antifa protesters marching and chanting
Small clashes broke out between anti-fascist groups and right-wing protesters during rallies that took over the streets of Portland, in the northwest of the United States, on Saturday.
Tensions boiled over as the far-right Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer were met by Antifa counterprotester.
Footage shows men punching and threatening each other, as well as protesters being arrested and one injured man on the floor.
According to reports, at least six people were injured, one having to go to hospital, and 13 were detained by the police.
The Proud Boys held a rally supporting the designation of the loose-collective Antifa as a terrorist group.
While the far-right group chanted "Four more years" in reference to US President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign, Antifa members clad in black marched through the streets chanting "No Trump."
Police reportedly seized a number of weapons from both sets of protesters.