Escape To Heaven - Powerful Female Vocal Fantasy Music Mix Beautiful Evocative Orchestral Music.mp4

✖ Track List:
David Eman - Faith
Nick Murray - Between Oceans (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Mitchell Miller - We Carry On (feat. Taryn)
Nick Murray - Freedom At Dawn (feat. Susan Ní Chaoilte)
Elias Nilsson - Take My Hand feat. Claudie Mackula
Philipp Beesen - The Golden River feat. Laura Kiddo
Frank Schlimbach – Nuria feat. Alina Lesnik
Temple d'Eros - Ouranos (feat. Myu-Chan)
Thomas-Adam Habuda - Escape to Heaven (feat. Mikolt Gyuricza)
Elias Nilsson - Rise of an Empire (feat Claudie Mackula)
Astromentals - Never Give Up (Ft. Julie Seechuk)
Patryk Scelina - Wolves in the Woods (ft. Magdalena Przychodzka)
Shahed Mostafafar - The Astral Project (ft. Diana Semnani)
Nick Murray - Aeon (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Claudie Mackula - Don't Let Go
Caroline-Jayne Gleave - My Wavering Soul
Shahed Mostafafar - Story Time (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Jeremiah Pena - Lift the Atmosphere (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Jyc Row - Sun of the Night Feat. Felicia Farerre