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‘Porn University’ opens new branch in Bogota EXPLICIT

38 23.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Porn actress being stimulated BLURRED AT SOURCE
C/U Porn actress cleaning her legs BLURRED AT SOURCE
M/S Woman listening as teacher explains how to make woman ejaculate UPSOUND (Spanish): "There are four speeds that I use to get to the constant and fast pace, this is what generates the squirt."
M/S Student of “University of Porn” taking notes
SOT, Amaranta Hank, Porn actress and director of “University of Porn” (Spanish): "Pornography is an industry that needs to make money, like Coca-Cola, like any other industry, and responds to a demand.”
M/S University students sitting in class BLURRED AT SOURCE
SOT, Amaranta Hank, Porn actress and director of “University of Porn” (Spanish): “The third [rule] in a conventional porn is that ejaculation [takes place] when the director says so, not when you want to [ejaculate], because in a conventional porn if there is no recorded ejaculation - there is no scene.”
C/U Person with laptop
SOT, Amaranta Hank, Porn actress and director of “University of Porn” (Spanish): “I know that many of you came here with the idea that 'I want to be a porn actor because I want to put my penis into different women,’ but if you are intelligent and apply all that you learn here, you can turn all that into your business too.”
M/S Students of the University of Porn
SOT, Ana Gomez, Actress and teacher at “University of Porn” (Spanish): “The porn school was created with the idea of teaching people who go into the porn industry how to lead, how to start a business, how to create a brand, the good, the bad, what the industry is about.”
M/S Gomez leaving
A school that offers classes and conferences for all types of students who want to specialize in production, performance and sale of pornographic material opened its doors in Bogota, as footage filmed on Sunday shows.
This is the new branch of the "University of Porn" which opened a few months ago in Medellin.
One of the teachers is Amaranta Hank, a porn actress and also the director of the university.
Hank was a sports journalist in Colombia, but after losing a bet she had to undress for a photo shoot. The images had a huge success, which inspired her to go into the adult entertainment business.
According to another teacher and porn actress Ana Gomez, the idea of the school is to help those who want to start a porn company and create a brand.