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Boxing stud Andre Berto tells TMZ Sports ... he was HONORED that Floyd Mayweather would name him as a possible opponent for an upcoming fight -- and says he's ready to KNOCK FLOYD OUT!!!
Earlier this week, Mayweather said he "needs" a guy like Berto for his next fight in September -- though so far, nothing is set in stone.
We spoke with Berto who tells us being named is a "blessing" -- and says the two were supposed to fight a few years ago, but now may be the time because he is older, wiser and more focused.
Berto -- a 2-time welterweight champ -- adds that the fight with Mayweather would be more exciting than the Pacquiao fight.
Andre is thirsting for his next match, saying that since his last knockout quote "that taste of blood is something I missed. I want it and I need it again."


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