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Venezuela: National Assembly vow to put Maduro on trial in raucous session

0 24.10.2016 Инфо

The opposition-led National Assembly vowed to place Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on trial on account corruption charges, Caracas, Sunday. The speeches leading to the declaration were interrupted when dozens of Maduro sympathisers entered the room, leading to scuffles between themselves and the deputies.
Julio Borges, Deputy Leader of the opposition party Justice First, addressed Maduro directly: "You have chosen violence. You have chosen corruption. You have chosen the coup. You have chosen the constitutional breakdown. You have chosen to steal the right to vote the Venezuelan people."
The declaration is unlikely to be much more than that, since the Supreme Court has recently consistently sided with the Maduro administration over its adversarial National Assembly.
The session is the latest incident amid the escalating political tensions in Venezuela. On Thursday October 20, a ruling by a court blocked an effort to mandate a recall referendum against Maduro, and on Friday, another court stopped several important opposition leaders from travelling out of the country, offering no explanation for their decision.