China: Any given Sundae! Putin melts Xi Jinping's heart with gift of Russian ice-cream

Russian President Vladimir Putin kept it cool at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Sunday, by presenting Chinese President Xi Jinping with Russian ice cream at the G20 summit in Hangzhou.
Putin said “Chinese businessmen told me that ice-cream is very much enjoyed here," so “as I promised I brought you a whole box of Russian ice-cream”, a gesture that appears to have been appreciated by the Chinese leader who has remarked on his fondness for Russian ice cream.
The G20 summit, held between 4 and 5 September in Hangzhou, sees governments and representatives from 20 major economic powers meet and discuss strategies for fiscal policy and international financial stability. 2016's G20 summit will be the 11th of its kind. It is the first time that China, Asia's largest economic power, has held the summit.