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USA: 'Trump/Pence must go!' protest hits New York City

2 20.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Trump supporter being pushed to the ground and having 'MAGA' hat taken and police intervening
W/S Protesters marching and chanting: "Trump Pence out now", New York City
W/S Protesters marching over zebra crossing
W/S Protesters marching and chanting: "Trump Pence out now."
W/S Protesters gathered
M/S Police officer at protest
M/S Activist and political commentator Cornel West addressing protesters
C/U Signs reading: "Trump Pence out now!"
M/S Activist and political commentator addressing protesters
M/S Protester holding sign reading: "Take to the streets and stay!"
M/S Protesters gathered
M/S Protesters gathered
M/S Protester with sticker reading: "Trump Pence must go!" on shoulder
M/S Protester criticising Trump
M/S Protesters gathered
M/S Police driving by on scooters as protester chant: "Trump Pence out now!"
Hundreds of demonstrators marched in New York City on Saturday as part of the "#OUTNOW" protest movement, demanding US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence be removed from office.
Footage shows protesters marching through the streets holding signs demanding "Trump and Pence out now!"
Protesters could also be seen confronting with a Trump supporter wearing a 'MAGA' baseball cap causing police to intervene.
The protest, organised by the group 'RefuseFascism.org' is the first of several demonstrations planned in New York City and across the United States.