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Australia: Horrific accident kills 4 at River Rapids ride in Dreamworld

120 25.10.2016 Инфо

Four people were killed at the Thunder River Rapids family ride at the Dreamworld theme park in Queensland's Gold Coast on Tuesday, after a malfunction in the theme park ride caused the circular raft to capsize, trapping two visitors and ejecting another two. Witnesses shared what they saw on camera.
One witness said "The thing flipped and obviously there were kids on board screaming while their mum was like trapped under and yeah, I'd rather not talk about what I saw."
Another witness spoke of children that were in the capsized raft, saying "She came out hysterically crying, and then two people that work here took her away and the little baby."
A third witness, who was also on a circular raft herself when the accident happened, spoke of having to wait for half an hour during which the artificial river was drained out and refilled again, before being allows to leave the raft. "We were waiting there for about half an hour and engineers had to come. They drained all the water out and had to refill it back up and then we were allowed to go. But yeah, we were stuck there for about thirty-forty minutes at least."
With more than 50 rides and attractions, Dreamworld is regarded as Australia's largest amusement park.