Germany: De Maziere urges EU to urgently reform asylum policy

The German Minister of Internal Affairs Thomas de Maziere gave a short statement to the press, Wednesday, in Berlin regarding the current refugee and migrant crisis within the EU and Germany. De Maziere showed journalists a chart that visualises the unexpectedly high numbers of new asylum seekers and refugees applying for the right to remain in Germany in the months of July (83,000) and August (so far 50,000, until August 17). De Maziere discussed the most recent projections which estimate that Germany could receive around 800,000 people in 2015 seeking asylum. De Maziere is certain that these high numbers will not decrease in the coming years, rather he foresees an increase. He therefore advocated a change in the Dublin regulation so that all members of the EU work together and take a fair share of people seeking asylum. According to the minister, Germany takes care of about 40 percent of all refugees coming to Europe currently. He stressed that European solidarity is being challenged and that borders without controls cannot be continued if European asylum policy does not change. The press conference came in the midst of talks with representatives of German civil society addressing the issue. After the presser, the minister returned to the meeting.