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Spain: Protesters storm Madrid university denouncing 'terrorists' Felipe Gonzalez and Juan Luis Cebrian

2 19.10.2016 Инфо

More than 200 students from the Autonomous University of Madrid barricaded the entrance to the Faculty of Law to prevent talks between former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez and CEO of Prisa, Juan Luis Cebrian, from taking place, Wednesday.
The talk, dubbed as 'Civil Society, Spain and Europe', was reportedly suspended due to the violence that erupted during the protest.
The protesters wore masks and held banners reading "Felipe Gonzalez and Juan Luis Cebrian, you are not welcome. GAL [Anti-terrorist Liberation Groups], Panama Papers, coups, terrorism, manipulation, censorship, torture, oligarchs," "Murderers, out of university" and "Your hands are stained with blood and quicklime."
Some protesters also held banners and placards in support of ETA prisoners.
Gonzalez was ousted in the 1990s following a controversy spawned due to the alleged illegal actions his government had taken in the fight against ETA. ETA, an acronym for Basque Country and Freedom , was an armed Basque nationalist and separatist group which operated in northern Spain and southwestern France. Created in 1959 during Franco's dictatorship to promote Basque culture, it later became a paramilitary group that aimed to secure independence for the Basque Country. On October 20, 2011, ETA announced a "definitive cessation of its armed activity."