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Slovakian President Andrej Kiska voiced concern over the impact of Russian media in Europe during his address at the 10th annual GLOBSEC Global Security Forum in Bratislava, Saturday, stating that cynicism towards EU policy and NATO was making it difficult to deal with public opinion. "We must prepare for years of instability," he added. The Slovakian leader added that extremism and nationalism had grown stronger in recent years, as well as mistrust in governments, stating that the trends could be as dangerous to EU security as any outside threat. Kiska went on to say that the future would depend on the EU's ability to adapt to a new reality, not to long for the good old times, none of which would be popular. Kiska has shared the GLOBSEC 2015 stage with several European leaders and high profile diplomats, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, with speakers talking on a range of topics including relations with Russia, the Ukrainian crisis, and migration. The event will run until 21 June.


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