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Spain: Death toll climbs to 6 amid extreme weather in country’s southeast

9 14.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Flooded bullring, Orihuela
W/S Residents removing water with buckets
W/S Residents transporting shopping cart on flooded street
W/S Residents observing the course of the Segura river from the bridge
W/S Flooded sports facilities
W/S Flooded street
W/S Helicopter over flood-affected area
W/S Flooded street
W/S Engine extracting water from basement
C/C Hose extracting water
W/S Residents crossing flooded street
W/S Excavator in flooded street
W/S Youth crossing flooded street
W/S Vehicle on flooded road
W/S Residents walking with shopping cart down flooded street
W/S Flooded street
W/S Vehicles on flooded road
W/S Flooded street
W/S Emergency Military Unit (UME) Vehicles
W/S Flooded street
C/C Drainage
W/S Helicopter flying over area
W/S Resident crossing flooded street
W/S Debris-covered vehicle, Raiguero de Bonanza, Orihuela
W/S Resident removing sludge
W/S Residents cleaning mud from housing
W/S Mud-covered kitchen
W/S Man removing mud
W/S Flooded dwelling
W/S Flooded dwelling
W/S Mud-covered vehicle
W/S Man cleaning flooded parking lot
W/S Residents removing mud from parking
W/S Vehicle dragged by water
W/S Military vehicle
The torrential rains that hit southeastern Spain have claimed the lives of six people, according to Spanish authorities. The body of the latest victim was found on Saturday in the parish of Orihuela, Alicante province.
Footage filmed on Saturday in Orihuela shows the effects of the storm, with the bullring seen completely flooded while residents are observed removing water and mud from their homes.
The acting Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, visited on Saturday the areas affected by the flooding in Alicante and Murcia.
The arrival of a meteorological phenomenon, commonly known as a Cold Drop, to the southeast of Spain has caused severe damage since Monday and forced the evacuation of at least 3,500 people.
According to reports, the Spanish authorities have made the largest ever military deployment for a storm, involving a total of 1,171 military units.
Heavy rains have affected airports, roads and railway lines. The regions of Andalusia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia have declared an emergency.