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The Palestinian journalist Hana Mahameed, who attracted global media attention after going on air directly after being hit by an Israeli stun grenade, spoke out about her ordeal from Tura al-Gharbiya in the West Bank, Thursday. Attacked by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem last Sunday, Hana explained how her crew was operating outside Fadi Alloun's house in Isawiya, an Arab neighbourhood in Jerusalem, when a group of Israeli soldiers stormed the street and attacked those who were mourning his death. "One of the Israeli soldiers threw a stun grenade at our crew, al-Mayadin and at another team from Palestine TV. It was a direct and obvious targeting of us (the journalists)," Hana said. "The stun grenade detonated near the left side of my face, which caused burns on the left side and the neck. The doctors said the burns are mostly first degree burns and some are second degree burns," she added. "But I am very lucky that the injuries will not be leaving scars, I hope so at least. My hearing has been damaged and I will have to have treatment for many months to come, according to the doctors." Hana's injuries come as the Palestinian Ministry of Health and Red Crescent medical agency announced that over 129 Palestinians were injured across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem on Tuesday, bringing the number of total injured Palestinians since Saturday to 600, including 50 that were shot with live rounds by Israeli forces.


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