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An American man has swept the winning title of the 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Leogang, Saturday. Madison Rowley, a contestant from Portland, Oregon, beat hundreds of competitors from around the world and was crowned the winner of the 'full natural beard' category. Hundreds of people flocked to the ski resort of Leogang to watch the WBMC, which boasts 17 subcategories, with titles including 'the Dali Moustache', the 'Imperial Moustache', the 'Musketeer', the 'Fu Manchu' and the 'Garibaldi'. Contestants took to the stage to show off their impressive facial hair to a panel of judges who gave each person marks out of 10. Rowely, who got a free flight to the competition after winning last year's world championship in Portland, gave some tips on how he looks after his award winning beard, explaining that he brushes it every morning, rinses it every day, and shampoos it around three times a month. Among the dozens of competitors, several American, Norwegian and Belgian nationals joined the event, hoping to take home the global titles.


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