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Russia: See Mig-31 jets in spectacular stratospheric drills

10 159 19.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Pilot boarding MiG-31BM, Russia
W/S Pilot boarding MiG-31BM
W/S MiG-31BM taking off
W/S MiG-31BM taking off
W/S MiG-31BM entering stratosphere
W/S MiG-31BM in stratosphere
W/S Pilot in MiG-31 BM cabin
W/S MiG-31 BM in stratosphere
W/S MiG-31 BM in stratosphere
W/S MiG-31BM
W/S MiG-31 BM landing
W/S MiG-31 BM landing
Russian MiG-31BM fighter jets carried out air battle training in lower stratosphere for the first time, Russian Ministry of Defence reported on Monday.
The drills took place over the Kamchatka Peninsula and included a simulated attack on Russia's airspace.
The exercise marked the first time that the new modified MiG-31BMs carried out air battle in stratosphere, with maximum flight speeds of 2,500 kilometres per hour (1550mph).
In the drills, one of the MiG-31s played the role of the intruder and another the interceptor. The pilots were required to find the simulated enemy with no help of air defence systems from the earth, the defence ministry said.
The MiG-31BM squad carried out six flights into the stratosphere during the shift.