What's Ahead for Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Japan is still treading lightly around it's troubled nuclear power plant. It's been four years since an earthquake and tsunami destroyed Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant. Today, the government approved a revised 30-to-40-year plan for the plant. That plan delays by three years the start of the removal of still-radioactive used fuel rods in the three reactors that had meltdowns following the March 2011 disaster in northeast Japan.
Experts still haven't pinpointed the exact location of the melted fuel inside the three reactors. They still need to develop robots capable of working safely in such highly radioactive conditions. And then there's the question of what to do with the waste. : Once the spent fuel rods are out of the way, workers can focus on what is expected to be the hardest part of the decommissioning: Removing the melted fuel from the three wrecked reactors. Japan currently has no plan for the waste that comes out of the plant.