Sweden Gears Up for Royal Wedding Despite Criticism

Official Sweden is gearing up to celebrate an extravagant royal wedding on Saturday. Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, a former reality television star and yoga teacher, are to tie the knot at the royal palace in Stockholm. Linda Nordlund, however, will not be hanging out the bunting. The 28-year-old president of the Young Liberals – and a convinced republican, says, "It gives a bitter taste to the very concept of democracy. It feels strange to live in a society that tells the world about the importance of equal rights for women and minorities, but has a constitution that says some people are not equal and are born into privilege.” The tabloids are devoting page after page to the royal nuptials, and Swedish public television will broadcast the wedding for nine uninterrupted hours, but opponents of the monarchy are growing in number and support for the royal family is at a record low.