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Peru: Police fire tear gas as anti-toll protesters block highway

0 23.08.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters throwing debris in fire
M/S Protesters holding flag
W/S Plume of smoke at protest
W/S Riot police near fire
M/S Riot police fire tear gas
W/S riot police
W/S Protesters holding banner reading, "No to the tolls contract" (Spanish)
M/S Riot police march
M/S Protesters chanting, banner reading, "Puente Piedra cannot be divided, no more tolls" (Spanish)
M/S Protester (Spanish): "Mr. Jorge Munos [mayor of Lima] remove Shangrila's toll, no more corruption." *UPSOUND*
W/S Police on horses
W/S Riot police
W/S Protesters on footbridge
W/S Protesters on highway
Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters marching against new tolls north of the Peruvian capital of Lima on Wednesday.
Footage shows protesters starting fires and police in riot gear forming a line and firing tear gas to disperse the demonstration.
Protesters marched along the North Pan American Highway, blocking the road, as they denounced a contract granting Lima Routes the right to install new tolls in the Puente Piedra district north of Lima.