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Foreign fighters from the East Ukrainian 'Ghost Brigade' unit joined the "anti-fascist" militia in the Lugansk Region, Wednesday. Founded in Lugansk, the group comprises mostly foreign fighters and according to an official statement released by the paramilitary group, "at present, the interunit has seven fighters." Among them are one female Israeli, three volunteers from Italy, three from Spain and one from Russia. Naa Levitan from Israel said she is in Lugansk to help "build a new country" so the local people can "live respectable lives" opposed to "fascism. Spaniard Hector Arroyo, nicknamed "Lucky," said it is his second time fighting in the region after he first joined up with anti-Kiev forces in 2014. "I was arrested and now I am under investigation," he said, but "decided to come here because I think that it is not a crime to support this war." Nimo, an Italian, said he is in Lugansk to support the uprising "against the fascists and their aggressors." The current members hope for new volunteers from across the world to join in the fight against Kiev in eastern Ukraine.


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