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Russia: Putin meets Head of the Sakha Republic Borisov in Moscow

4 21.08.2015 Инфо

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a working meeting in the Kremlin, Moscow with Head of the Republic of Sakha Yegor Borisov to discuss the socioeconomic situation in the region, Friday. Borisov reported that the situation in the region is "stable" and that the gross regional product is expected to grow by two percent this year. The investment situation is stable and the region is carrying out its housing construction programmes as planned. Developing local airlines in the region was also a subject of discussion. Moreover, Putin and Borisov discussed big projects in the region known as the 'Power of Siberia' which is performing well. The 'Power of Siberia' is an ongoing construction of gas transmission system which includes development of a 4,000 km-long gas pipeline to transfer natural gas from Yakutia and Irkutsk to the Far East and China.