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Participants of the annual 'El Colacho' (Baby Jumping) festival jumped over real-life babies in Burgos, Sunday. Dressed in 'Colacho' (Devil) suits, the festival-goers ran and jumped along race tracks teeming with babies born over the past 12 months. Organised by the 'Brotherhood of Santisimo Sacramento de Minerva,' Sunday's events come after a weeks worth of festivities, including music, performance and food. The Colacho jumps are rooted in local tradition and are believed to purge the babies of sin and guard them against malevolent spirits. The Catholic Church has requested adherents put a halt to the practice, arguing that a proper baptism must be conducted with water. Yet this has not stopped folk from attending the festivities each year, with locals turning up in droves since 1620 to take part in the procession.


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