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The University of Michigan released footage on Friday, October 2, showing a team of paleontologists and excavators exhuming the remains of a woolly mammoth from underneath a soybean field in the Lima Township, near Ann Arbor. A team of paleontologists from the University of Michigan led the operation involving a group of volunteers. The team managed to recover about 20 percent of the animal's remains, including the skull with both tusks, several vertebrae, ribs, the pelvis and both shoulder blades. The bones belonged to an adult male mammoth that likely lived 11,700 to 15,000 years ago, though the remains have not yet been dated. Experts believe that the discovery may help to know more about the lives of early humans in the region. The mammoth's remains were discovered by farmer James Bristle and his neighbour while digging in the soy field. Bristle donated the find to the University of Michigan. Footage courtesy of: University of Michigan


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