Stop Tickling Slow Lorises, Campaigners Urge

The video of a slow loris raising its arms as it is tickled by its owner has been shared on YouTube more than five million times. But campaigners are now urging people to avoid sharing or liking the clip because slow lorises cannot bear to be tickled and are raising their arms to activate their defensive venom glands. A new campaign video ‘Tickling is Torture’ has been launched by the charity International Animal Rescue which is calling on people to stop the viral hit spreading any further. The trend in keeping slow lorises as pets has been steadily growing. Pop star Rihanna recently posted a selfie of herself holding one while Lady Gaga had planned to use one of the animals in a music video until she was bitten by the terrified creature. A campaign to save the endangered slow loris from the pet trade has already gathered a massive 33,000 signatures in less than a week.