Iraqi PM Orders Renewed Defence of Anbar Region After Further Isis Attacks

Iraq’s prime minister has called for the defence of the embattled province of Anbar to be reinforced and has ordered Shia militia to prepare to enter the fray as reports surfaced that Islamic State fighters had broken into a key military base in the area.
Isis forces have largely overrun the provincial capital of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, and prime minister Haider al-Abadi’s order for his forces to stand their ground comes after reports that some troops have put down their weapons, abandoned their vehicles and fled from the militants.
Police and army officials said four near-simultaneous bombings targeted police officers defending the Malaab district in southern Ramadi, killing 10 and wounding 15. Officials said that among the dead was the Malaab police station’s chief, Col Muthana al-Jabri.