USA: Interstates blocked in Miami as hundreds march against Trump

Hundreds of protesters rallied against President-elect Donald Trump in Miami, on Friday night. Protesters chanted "not my president," a slogan which is being repeated by anti-Trump protesters across the US.
The protest was peaceful, while disruptive, with the demonstration temporarily blocking traffic on Biscayne Boulevard, the MacArthur Causeway and Interstate 95.
One protester expressed that "I am here to protest against racism and bigotry. Okay, Donald Trump ran a campaign based on hate, based on racism. And that's why, we are against it." While another decried the system of the Electoral College, stating that the process is "archaic and it does not represent the people. We need the people's vote to count."
After Trump's win was announced earlier this week, there have been multiple large demonstrations against the president-elect in several large US cities, including in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Seattle.
Trump declared victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton called him to concede defeat following a bitterly fought election battle. Trump beat Clinton in a surprise landslide victory, garnering 278 of the Electoral College votes, while the Democratic candidate received 218.