How Technology Eased Buhari's Path to Power in Nigeria

Technology played a decisive role in helping Muhammadu Buhari become the first Nigerian to oust a sitting president at the ballot box, from social media campaigning to biometric machines preventing the widespread rigging that marred past polls.
Three decades after seizing power in a military coup, part of the 72-year-old former general's appeal to the electorate in Africa’s biggest economy lay in his successful rebranding as a man who embraced democracy.
A good deal of that rebranding happened online, where campaigning from smartphones can build momentum at low cost.
The 29-year-old Adebola Williams whose Lagos-based communications company, StateCraft, orchestrated Buhari's digital drive, told Reuters, "the digital strategy has been a lifeline of the campaign for young people. We needed to create an image that enabled people to connect with him."
Even the doubters conceded that they had seen campaign material online.