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Polar bear Tonja devours 10th birthday cake at Tierpark Berlin

0 14.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Birthday cake prepared for Tonja the polar bear in Berlin's Tierpark
W/S Tonja bear and her cub Hertha
M/S Visitors making photographs
W/S Tonja and Hertha sharing birthday cake
M/S Visitors taking photographs
C/U Polar bears eating
W/S Polar bears
M/S Polar bears eating
C/U Visitor taking photograph with phone
C/U Polar bears eating
M/S Visitor taking photograph
M/S Polar bears
W/S Visitors taking photographs of bears
C/U Camera
M/S Camera operator
C/U Tonja eating
M/S Tonja eating
M/S Visitors
W/S Bears
M/S Tonja eating
M/S Family observing polar bears
W/S Visitors taking photographs of bears
M/S Tierpark zookepers
W/S Tierpark zoo
M/S Tierpark zoo flag
C/U Tierpark zoo flag
Female polar bear Tonja received a sweet treat at Berlin's Tierpark Zoo on Thursday as she celebrated her tenth birthday.
Zookeepers prepared an ice cake made of apples and pears and that featured carrots in place of candles. Tonja also received a sweet decoration in the shape of a number ten.
The bear was seen enjoying her meal together with her cub Hertha, who is named after a local Bundesliga football club.