Al Qaeda's Syria Wing to ISIS: 'We Hope They Repent to God'

According to an interview with Al Jazeera, The head of al Qaeda's Syria wing Nusra Front said he saw no immediate solution to a conflict with the rival Islamic State group in Syria.
Hundreds of fighters have died after the groups split in 2013 because of a power struggle between leaders. Nusra Front is loyal to the Osama bin Laden's successors and has to contend with Syrian government forces in addition to ISIS. Both terrorist groups make up the most powerful opponents to the Syrian government.
Nusra Front's Abu Mohamad al-Golani said quote We hope they repent to God and return to their senses...if not then there is nothing but fighting between us,"
It was the second of a two-part interview and included footage of a Nusra training camp, weaponry, a lesson inside a classroom.