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Hundreds of refugees were waiting at the Berkasovo border crossing point in Serbia throughout Monday, hours after thousands of them were allowed to enter Croatia and head to the border town of Bapske. People were waiting for the buses in a makeshift camp made up of tents, situated in a very muddy area. Groups of people could be seen arriving every now and then. Earlier on Monday, Croatia let between 2,000 and 3,000 people enter the country after many of them complained of getting wet after having to wait in the rain. However, Croatian police closed the border soon after numbers decreased. In the meantime, volunteers cleared the camp of mud and garbage. Croatia is now directing refugees into neighbouring Slovenia after Hungary closed its border with Croatia to prevent refugees and migrants from traveling northwards though the central European country. After the change of the refugees’ route across Europe, some 5,000 migrants reached Slovenia on Monday from Croatia.


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