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Tens of thousands take part in annual Ethiopian Great Run in Addis Ababa

1 18.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Start of race, Addis Ababa
W/S Race
W/S Crowds filling street
M/S Runners
M/S Runners supporting each other
M/S Runners
SOT, Henok Sirak, Participant from Ethiopia: "I really enjoy the race, it is very nice and I like it very much. So this is one of very greatest days that we expect."
W/S Crowd fills road
W/S Large crowd
W/S Runners
M/S Runners
M/S Person being pulled along
SOT, Garth Watson, Participant from UK: "I've done to a lot of big races in big cities and this is different to any. It is really exciting, it is just like one big party over 10k (10 kilometres)."
W/S Crowd fills roads
M/S Large crowd
M/S Runners
M/S Runners
M/S Runners
W/S Crowd fills streets
M/S Runners
M/S Runners
W/S Runners with flag
W/S Athletes final lap
M/S Final
W/S Participants finishing
M/S Athletes finishing
The 19th edition of the Ethiopian Great Run was held in Addis Ababa on Sunday, with reportedly 45,000 participants taking part in an annual 10-kilometre-long race including professional and amateur runners from over 25 countries.
Footage shows the streets filled with participants, some of whom dressed up to celebrate this year's theme 'girls deserve to be equally seen, heard and valued.'
Participant from the UK, Garth Watson described the run as one big 10-kilometre-long party.
Another runner, Henok Sirak, added that he enjoyed the race, saying that it was an event that people waited for.