Severe Weather Storms Expected On Reeling Plains Over Weekend

Tens of millions of people are being put at risk of severe weather this weekend, including Oklahoma City, which saw a spate of capricious tornadoes on Wednesday night along with deadly flash flooding during what became its wettest May day on record.
The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, Oklahoma has issued a "moderate" risk outlook for severe thunderstorms across the southern Plains on Saturday, particularly in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma, with more storms likely in Nebraska and Texas.
The trigger for these storms will be an upper level low pressure area, which brought snow to the mountains of California on Wednesday and Thursday, which will move into the southern Rockies on Saturday. Strong winds associated with this storm will draw moisture northward into the Plains, and will bring a key ingredient to the table that is necessary for tornadoes to form.
These storms, known as supercell thunderstorms, are the most dangerous thunderstorms there are, since they can produce damaging winds, tornadoes, and large hail.